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New updates and reset ranks

New updates and reset ranks

The server has been updated to the latest version with bug fixes new features added! Update game client by running Mupeace Update.exe or download manual patch HERE or redownload full client!

Reset limit increased now to 310, new rank from 301 resets is added TryHard, with reset reward Gold Fenrir, experience on 301-310 reset is 5x! Claim Gold Fenrir on Reset reward page!

There will be another reset rank 310-320 added next week with an even better reward that will be available only for those who reset!


MuPeace Gaming Project Opening 9.July

MuPeace Gaming Project Opening 9.July

MuOnline Season 16 Part 1-3 X1000

Server Opening 9.July! The server is based on medium/high experience rate, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 16 Features as well a lot of useful customs that makes game more easy and enjoyable!

Opening times at 9.July: or check countdown at website

[UTC +2, 18.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 24.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 13.00-Argentina]

    Version Season 16 P1-3
    All characters starts with 4th class and completed all evolve quests!
    Gaming style: Hunt/Level/PVP
    Exp Regular/Master/Majestic 1000x Dynamic
    Drop 75%
    Reset: 400lvl in game! Reset: Stats Burns: Free stats 450, Costs: 1kk*Reset, 32000 Max stats, 2ML Points per level!
    Wcoins: Win Ice Wind Walley and other top Events
    Big Goblin Points shop: Hunt mini bosses, participate in events to get Exp seals, Buffs, Pets, Jewels

Xshop sells items for Wcoins and Goblin Points, those items can be acquired just by playing the game (resets, bosses, events) or bought. Goblin points can be farmed ingame by doing events, hunting small/big bosses. The strongest the boss, the highest the reward!

Dynamic exp system: We have a reset milestones with rankings and ingame icon when a player is in range of those resets! After breaking reset milestone player can claim reset reward in website! No Grand resets 300resets are max!

Reset from 400level in game with command: /reset Stats burns, free stats: 450, resets costs: 1kk* zen

Reset reward: 20 Wcoins 1000 Ruud!

Extra reset milestones with rewards: On resets: 1, 6, 21, 71, 141, 211, 251, reset rewards can be claimed on website HERE

0-6 Resets: 1000Exp: Icon name: NOOB, Claim Red Fenrir on reset 6
7-20 Resets: 750Exp: Icon name: Starter, Claim Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Level
21-70 Resets: 500Exp: Icon name: Rookie, Claim 50k Ruud Box
71-140 Resets: 350Exp: Icon name: Skilled, Ring of Block FO
141-210 Resets: 200Exp: Icon name: Master, Conqueror Badge
211- 250 Resets: 100Exp: Icon name: Expert, Claim Rage Earing Right and Left +15FO
251-300 Resets: 35Exp: Icon name: ThePro, Wings Of Power +15FO

Reset experience rate is reduced slightly with higher resets, but as players can level on higher maps with better drop and higher level monsters which gives mores experience!





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